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About Us

Captain Trip’s Sportfishing (formerly C-Lure Charters) are longtime friends of Wild Bill’s Fishing, established for over 20 years on Kauai.  Captain Harry worked with Wild Bill for 4 years, learning old school techniques and Hawaiian ways of fishing.  Unfortunately, Wild Bill passed away in 2006.  Wild Bill’s spirit will always be with us.

Our Fishing Charters feature a drug and alcohol-free crew.  With a focus on safety first, we believe only our customers should be enjoying their beer.  Feel free to bring your own refreshments or beer, only in cans or plastic bottles please!

Captain Harry – General Manager

Your skipper, Captain Harry Rivera, is a native of Puerto Rico with more than 25 years of local Kauai fishing knowledge and experience.  Captain Harry is also well known and respected by his fellow Hawaii fishing guides and Captains.  In addition, Captain Harry is a member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary.  Harry helped build C-Lure Charters around a philosophy of honesty and integrity and now is working hard to take Captain Trips Sportfishing (formerly C-Lure Charters) to the next level.

For years Captain Harry’s passion for fishing has earned him a fine reputation and repeat business.  His customers keep coming back each year which says everything about the great time they had fishing with Captain Harry.  His sportfishing philosophy is “Fishing is a very spiritual experience.  You need to tune into your surroundings … the ocean, to help find fish.”  He asks his customers to be humble and patient. “Good Vibes” are important to help find and catch fish.

Here are some facts about Captain Rivera:

  • He Started fishing in Puerto Rico where he grew up.
  • 1991 Moved to Kauai
  • 1991-2001, Captained his own boat a Force 21
  • 2001-2002, Worked the Konani Star, a 55 ft. Delta
  • 2001- 2002, Worked the Happy Hunter a 41 ft. Pacifica.
  • 2003-2006, Captained the Wild Bill a 32 ft. Jersey Fisher.
  • 2006-Present,.Captain of the Mele Kai a 41 ft. Noosa Cat

First Mate Randy

Randy has been fishing with Captain Harry for many years.  He is very dedicated and does far more than fishing, like keeping the Mele Kai clean and helping with maintenance.  He is also a part-time mobile mechanic

First Mate Andrew

Andrew is a gourmet Chef and will gladly turn you on to awesome recipes so you can really enjoy eating your fish.  He has also been fishing a long time with Captain Harry and is by far one of the best deckhands on Kauai.