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The first thing you should understand about your first family trip is that no matter how well you prepare, its success depends on a lot of things.

What do I mean by this?

Well, no kid is the same. Some kids like the outdoors, some kids don’t.

Some kids spend the whole trip side by side with the captain, observing all the colors, sounds, and smells. Some kids stay in the cabin, playing with their phone, rarely noticing the fish. Some kids catch and release the fish like professionals. Best thing for anyone trying to go fishing you can be Going Here for fishing information.

So, if you want to avoid tantrums and enjoy the trip, start with the kids. Family fishing trips are about them first, and only then about you. More so if you’re fishing with up-to-ten-year-olds.

This seems obvious, so you might wonder why I’m bringing this up.

Because you never know how your kid might react to the whole experience.

So, just be patient and make sure they understand what’s going on.

Remember, the first fishing trip can shape how your youngsters feel about fishing for many years to come.

…Go Fishing on Your Own
Kids will feel safer if they see that you’re comfortable with fishing.

Depending on what trip you want, I suggest you either check out the fishing spot you plan to fish with them, or go fishing with the captain, once you choose a charter you like.

That will let you not only feel more comfortable when your kids are around, but you will:

Be familiar with the spot/boat/type of fish/water/boat stability.
Get ideas about what you might need to pack.
Have an idea of what your kids may want to ask.
Get to know the captain and talk to them about your next trip.
Remember, captains spend most of their time on the water. If anyone knows how fishing functions, it’s them. So feel free to ask them if they take kids onboard, explain how outdoorsy your kids are, what fish it might be best to target first, what technique to use, what to bring. Most captains love fishing with kids because they are curious and will listen, once you explain to them how things work.

The same goes if you want to fish from dry land – meet other anglers who fish in the area and talk to them. They can help you out with choosing the best bait and spot.

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